Friday, March 8, 2013

Monday, August 13, 2012

My 8th Grader!!

Looking good for the first day!!  She hates the uniform but I don't think its bad at all.  She is a big time 8th grader this year and volleyball tryouts are today.  Notice the batman pin on the bookbag.....thats the trendy thing this year.....superheros.

Brady as a Fifth Grader

I make them hold the signs so I will remember what year it is if I ever actually scrapbook about it.....

 We had to laugh at this picture, he wanted me to take a picture as he was actually leaving but it just looks like he is headed for heaven and not school. This is actual proof we live ON the sun.

Styling to School

Carly got a ride to school in Monte's brand new jeep.  Great way to arrive in style (especially since it was about 100degrees when she left this morning).

Back to School 2012....WAHOO!!

Today was the first day of school for Carly and Brady, Kelsey has been going for the last week and a half but we are considering the official start today.  Once again this year we have three kids in three different schools in three different districts so there is lots of driving!  Here are the first day picts.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Brady's Birthday

Brady got a new deck for his skateboard for his birthday. This is a picture of the
guy at Zumiez putting the grip tape on.

This kid loves his skateboard!!!

Spoiled kid. Thanks to everyone who sent gifts. A little known fact about Brady is that he really likes clothes and he knows exactly the style he is going for. He wanted Tony Hawk t-shirts with button down shirts that he can wear over the top. He spent his birthday money on the skater shoes next to him on the couch. I am too cheap to pay for skater endorsed shoes, Brady isn't.

Brady's Birthday Cake (Jan 2010)

Feller Cake Bake

Every year our scouts do a feller cake bake. Each scout bakes a cake that represents the theme (this year was scouting turned 100 years old) and they can't have any help from moms or any other helpful girls.

Happy baking boys.
The finished product.

More Skateboarding

In this tricky move Brady is jumping off that cement pillar and then landing on his board.
He is getting pretty good at his ollie. He does this about 500 times a day, at the park, in our driveway, off the curb......I think in this picture there is a little incline giving him a little extra air.
A classic picture of dropping in.

Grandma Olsen Visits (Feb 2010)

These are some cute pictures of Clara's visit to our house. My girls love to cook with her, Jim loves her home cooking, and I love that she is a good sport, mostly because I hate to be in the kitchen. It is a win win.

Jim's Birthday

Jim's Birthday enjoying our traditional fondue with Adam Fairbourn.